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What are some good stretches to improve the height of sidekicks? I am not really flexible at all, at my best I can get it to my waist level while keeping it straight. My master has me do them pretty slow and that helps, but i was looking for excercises to do outside of the dojang.

Any help would be appreciated
the Russian or side split is the best way to get flexability for the side kick. Another is sit on the floor with legs apart as far as you can get them and try to lay your chest on the floor in between them. This one helps to loosen the hips up and takes some time to get. You start out with just your elbows on the floor and walk you hands out as far as you can, eventually you end up with your chest on the floor and also with your legs getting further apart too.

It worked for me, maybe it could work for you too.

Waist level by holding it out there? That is a good excersise you can do at home, kick slowly like you are like 20 times each leg every day and your strength will increase and you should be able to hold it out there higher and higher. It worked for me.

Damian Mavis
Honour TKD
Work on holding it out at a comfortable height and getting your balance. Once you have got your balance at that height( about 30 seconds) then inch your leg up higher while still maintaining balance. You should see an increase in height over time.
Usually the problem with side and round kicking height is the flexability of the groin not the hamstrings.My favorite stretch is to get into a horse stance, then straighten one leg.While keeping both feet flat on the floor ( and pointing forward) bend one of your knees as much as possible.The stretch on the inner thigh/groin is the same as when trying to get the side kick up. Try to get your back side down to the floor in this position.Hope this helps.
Do you mean to just kick? or to hold it out there? To just kick you need to work on your dynamic flexibility, side leg raises. To hold it out there practice leg raises with weights, or bands for resistance, to improve strength, and contract/relax stretching.
Thanks guys, I will give them a try. I am only in my first week of lessons and am feeling a bit more flexible, but I would still like to get my kicks higher. My master said it will come with time. Even though I think I am one of the least flexible people he has ever had
Oh for crying out loud haha. Your first week?! I keep forgetting how keen new martial artists are, good for you for trying to improve so soon! Keep up that attitude and you'll definately get better very fast.

Damian Mavis
Honour TKD
Thanks for the advice guys. I can kick over the waist now, but just barely. I can hit the stomach with the side kick, and the sides with turning kicks, so I think I have a start for range.

Man just doing TKD improves flexibility, I didn't really work on stretching on my own that much, but it really helps.