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Terry Ham

Shinko Dojo Japanese Martial Arts
(Jujutsu/Taijutsu, Weapons)

About our progaram: Shinko Dojo Budo

Our current program offers a welll roudned education. This program is designed for adults, children 6 and up, it includes:

Terminology, Anatomy, Body Mechanics, Break falling/rolling, striking, joint- locking, throws/takedowns, chokes, escapes, releases, restraining, ground-grappling techniques, as well as the use and defense of various types of weapons. Safety is stressed throughout trainining!

The focus of our dojo is to train in realisitc self -protection and survival techniques, not simply self defense. Our goal is to apply tactics that utilize techniqe and leverage over brute force. Size in a street altercation often will decide the outcome of a conflict; With proper instruction in Taijutsu, size should not matter, but the techniqe, the trianing, and the heart of the individual will decide the outcome.

Adult Class (13 UP)
Youth Class (9 to 12)
Kids Class (6 to 8)

Men, Women and Children.

About the Instructor: Terry Ham

Terry Ham prides him self on being a family man, first and foremost; Married to his Lovely wife Rachel and has 2 beautiful daughters named Sarah and Shannon. Introduced to the martial arts at the young age of 9, he realized from his first class that Budo would be a part of his life forever. He recieved his Black belt ranking from Daryl Corbett of the Yamashin Budokai in 1996. Over the years, Terry has trained in various arts including: Karate, Judo, Aikijutsu, Ninpo Taijutsu, and jujutsu. When he first began to teach, his focus was on non-traditional applications; But he soon came to realize that traditional martial arts are effective when applied and taught properly. Terry continues to train and considers him self to be a student for life and is always willing to learn from any one who has some thing to share.

Contat Info:
Pager # 713 605 6078
Please do come out if you're near (I'm about an hour away) ...It's REALLY worth a try, I enjoy training with Terry more than any where else.He is just a great teacher and seems to really have balance in his teachings.

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