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Jan 21, 2003
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After a year and a half of kenpo training I have left my school and am searching for a new one. As there is only one other kenpo/kempo school in my area (and I will not train with that particular group), I began search for another school. I have found myself researching kung fu over and over the past few years for no conscious reason. As I am now free to move on I sought out a shaolin school in the area and met with the sifu. I must say that I was very impressed with the instructor both on the kwoon floor (i sat in on a training session) and as an individual. I have decided to begin the study of shaolin kung fu.... my question to you all is this What have I gotten myself into? :eek:

I have read a great deal on the different styles of kung fu and have studied kenpo/kempo myself but I would like a few first hand statements from those who have been there. What are the differences between kenpo and kung fu, what are the major things that tie the styles together, what are special skills that I will need to carry over from my kenpo training etc. etc. etc.

Thank you in advance for your input.

Many of their techniques will be almost identical to your kenpo techniques. Stances will be a bit different and their forms will be dramatically different. It depends upon what style of Shao-lin you are undertaking to study.
Deeper stances, and sometimes longer wider movements. Both very good systems, and yes the forms will drastically be different. You should find good stuff to use for self defense from both. Good systems with good histories