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Feb 25, 2006
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A state trooper pulled over a little old lady for speeding. "Mam, could I see your drivers license?". "I don't have a drivers license, I lost it years ago for drunk driving". "Could I see your proof of insurance?". "Why, this isn't my car!" "Who's car is it?" "It belongs to the man I have cut up in the plastic bags in the trunk"- He went back to his patrol car to call for back up. A few minutes later his sargent walks up to her car and asks "mam, could I see your drivers License?" " Sure- her ya go" "what is the problem?". "Mam, the other officer said you didn't have a drivers license""I've been driving for 59 years". " could I see your proof of insurance?" "Sure, here" " What is the problem?", "Mam , the other officer said you didn't have proof of insurance" "Could I see your keys please?" "Sure- here". He goes and opens up the trunk and finds knitting stuff. He comes back and she asks "what is the problem?" "Mam, the other officer seemed to think you had a dead body in the trunk"- "He's such a liar, I suppose he told you I was speeding too......."

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