scoring kicks


artful dodger

Turning kicks have got to be the thing I score with most. What about you?
I haven't competed in a long time but as a karateka I liked the roundhouse kick and a reverse punch to the chest.
Do you mean setting up the kick or just on kick out of the blue and it scoring.

Just throwing a single kick the the roundhouse or turning kick scores alot.

By setting a kick up, backfist and then side kick works really well, of course once you have the arm up blocking the backfist you can do anything you want within that window of oppourtunty.

Side kicks and punches I think I score with most. Followed by back kicks and turning kicks. Axe kicks are the funnest to score with, but the timing has to be so precise its not as common to land as the others (for me). I would like to work on my axe kicks and hooking kicks more.
I beleive that the rules you compete under will affect the effectivness of many tech.Aside from this round kicks score more than anything- but there are probably 10 times as many thrown as any other kick!
In WTF competition turning kicks are definetely the kick that scores the most, I`ve seen plenty matches where hardly any other kick was thrown (especially w/beginners), I really like it when I connect a good jumping spinning back kick (twio dwit chagi), just sink it real hard into the opponents vest, feels real good. I trained Wado Ryu Karate before with point sparring, I remember I used to love just waiting for a straight kick, block and then cross punch to the kidneys, real fast.