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MartialTalk allows all legal and lawful transactions to be posted by qualifying members (See TOS for details).

Given the varying laws concerning weapons, including swords, knives and firearms the following is in effect:

1.All buyers/sellers acknowledge this forum, it's staff and it's owners have no liability whatsoever for any transaction, that this forum provides no legal advice, and that all participants will comply with all federal, state and local laws.

2.This is NOT a venue for commercial businesses to sell their wares at no cost. If you are an FFL or commercial business and want to do a meaningful volume of business here, contact us about becoming a sponsor and other advertising options.

3. You MUST provide a location in the title. This helps in regard to the obvious legal reasons for firearms, magazines, etc

4. If and when your item sells, please update the thread indicating that.

5. No arguing. If you don't like the price or item, don't say anything. Negotiate through the PM system please.


This should not be construed to mean that these transactions must be carried out "in-state." It is just a recommendation to help our members locate the best possible deal they can get. As always, all FFL regulations apply to all applicable transactions.

Your local ATF office can assist you with any questions you may have:

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