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ProShop Rules - Effective 8-28-2004
A Short listing of what may and may-not be listed here for sale or to buy.

Acceptable Items:
- Any Commercial Product (books, tapes, dvds, gear, etc) that you have a legal right to sell.
- Any services not forbidden by law, or forum rules

Forbidden Items:
- Pornography and other Adult interest items
- Warez & Bootlegs - This includes all pirate material and copies of copywriten material where you do not have the copyright holders permission to distribute.
- Any services forbidden by law
- WebSite Design and Hosting Services (See Below)
- Tape Trading of any sort.

Website Development and Hosting links/offers/etc:
- MartialTalk is owned and operated by a professional web designer.
- It is sponsored in part by a professional hosting and design firm.
- MartialTalk itself offers both services to its members.
Because of this, it is a conflict of interest to allow our competition to freely solicit business from our members.

Advertising competing services such as web hosting or website design is not allowed in posts, signatures, or anywhere else in your profile. Any such posts or links will be removed. Additionally, discussion of competing services is not allowed. It would be foolish to allow our competitors to freely advertise in our forum.


  • MartialTalk or SilverStar WebDesigns affiliates, who have the permission of the site owner.
  • Members of the MartialTalk Network who work in a complimentary manner with MartialTalk.
  • Paid Advertisers who have the permission of the site owner.

Any member in good standing who has been on the site for more than 30 days and actively participating may post ads that comply with our policies here.
Due to the regular postings here, ad listings will scroll down quickly.

For a "pinned" or "stickied" listing at the top of the 1st page, there is a $10/month courtesy fee.

We will periodically clean up the older listings.
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