FS: Nazi Mauser K98


Feb 3, 2005
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Huber Heights, OH
For Sale.

Nazi marked Mauser K98.

Why? Because I need to spend many hundreds of dollars getting trained up to help my son's Boy Scout troop (Ohio Troop 57). They want to do their Rifle Shooting Merit Badge. Since I ain't made of money, something must go.

1942 Mauser K98. I believe this is a Russian Capture rifle.

The stock is in good shape. No major gouges. Some small nicks and dings as is to be expected from a rifle that probably saw combat in WWII, then went into Russian stockpiles, then was sold to a dealer (or more), and thence to me.

The hardware is all in very good shape. No major rusting. Nice patina. War era machining marks plainly visible. The action runs very nice. There's a reason that Mausers are considered among the best of the bolt actions of the time.

Shoots more accurately than I can.

Some Nazi acceptance marks still clearly visible, some heavily peened by the capture nation but still faintly visible beneath the peening (apparently they were really REALLY upset with the Nazis).

Most numbered parts match but not all.

This is a shooter with history. It is a good entry level piece for the WWII collector.

Asking $400.

Face to Face transfers preferred (Huber Heights/Dayton, OH area). Will ship to FFL at buyers expense.

A Face to Face transfer will include a 70 round bandoleer, i.e.: 14 Chargers ("Stripper Clips") with 5 rounds each.

I didn't want to sell this until I saved up for a Black Rifle, but the boys come first. Please buy this wonderful piece of history and help pass on the love of the shooting sports to a new generation in a safe, supervised way.

I will be posting this in other locations. First "I'll Take It" wins. Multiple "I'll Take It's" from other locations will be resolved by forum time-stamp.






(reminder: ammo is face to face only - too blamed expensive to ship the stuff)

Note: All Federal, State, and Local laws will be respected.

Peace favor your sword,