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the other day, i was feeling my shin. and i kick harder with my right than my left. so i felt my right shin was kind of duller than the left shin. the left shin was kinda sharp. is the right shin dulll becasue of shin damage, or shin toughening??
I have several "dents" in both of mine!:eek:
And I just tore the callous off my right index nuckle.:(
softer/sharper ? what do you mean? I assume it isn't your bone that's soft, it's gota be your tissue, I mean I can't realy tell from the description but I would bet you just have more body tissue on your right than your left from harder impact.
I don't mean to speak for hand2hand, but I took "dull" to mean "flat".I don't see any mention of "soft" in his post.