Rua-Machida close decision has fans looking for blood

Clark Kent

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Sep 11, 2006
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10-25-2009 02:30 PM:
UFC president Dana White, Bill Douglas from California State Athletic Commission, UFC color analyst Joe Rogan, judge Cecil Peoples (action figure pictured) and Lyoto Machida along with his manager Ed Soares had better beef up security this week. After all, they all had a hand in the biggest travesty in the history of mankind.

A bit much? Of course.

To listen to fans this morning, you would think the N.Y. Times, Bill O'Reilly and every U.S. newspaper columnist is right when they say the sport appeals to idiots and animals, and brings out the worst in people.

Lyoto Machida was deemed a 48-47 winner over Mauricio Rua last night at UFC 104. Machida retained his title and there will be an immediate rematch, but some reason the world is about to end, just read any MMA message board.

Check out the 11 worst threads started over at Sherdog:

The official "overturn the decision" petition threadDumbest idea ever. Virginia completely blew it by overturning the UWC fight between Chase Beebe and Mike Easton. The commission has no business examining any decision. unless there's a paper trail to legitimately suggest there was a crime committed. California won't be that stupid. Won't ever happen. Stop thinking it will.

I'm tired of Cecil Peoples ruining our sport

He's a judge. It's a subjective process. You may not agree with him on some fights, but he's not ruining anything.

Machida HAS NO HONOR, he knows he lost, how can he think he won?

No honor? Which one of the the jackasses who posted or responded to this thread has ever stepped into a ring or cage? Come on folks, this is worst case of the dreaded Internet Tough Guy.

Machida needs to MAN UP within a week or he has no credibility

Check above. The fighter should come out and admit he lost? Okay.

UFC 104 Main Card = Everything You Hate About MMA...

It was a solid card. Rua showed us there's plenty of depth at 205. Cain Velasque is ready for a shot at the title. Gleison Tibau body slammed Josh Neer all over the cage. Joe Stevenson re-emerge as a danger at 155. And Anthony Johnson, if he can make weight, continued to move up the welterweight ladder. You're right, what an awful night.

Rua doesn't get to be champion because Joe Rogan says so

See this is the main problem. If you think the judges were somehow blinded, then the majority of folks ready to kill someone over an MMA fight are even worse for allowing Joe Rogan or any announcer to decide the outcome of a fight for you.

UFC LHW Belt loses all credibility for now, sad night for UFC.

Of course, Shogun only showed once again why this is the deepest division in the sport and the hardest belt to hold on to. Sad night, indeed.

What would you do if you saw one of the 3 judges who scored the fight?

Now this is just stupid. It's a fight. You didn't die because of the outcome.

Dana White paid the judges anybody?

This is the same White who ripped the judges to shreds in the postfight press conference. Or was he just covering his tracks? Wink ... Wink.

I will never pay for another UFC PPV...

Sure you will. What else is there to do? You're posting a message on the internet at 5:30 a.m. on a Sunday. My guess is your not exactly

Last night made me embarrassed to be an MMA fan

Stop. It was a close decision. Be more embarrassed that you're part of a crew posting this kind of nonsense.

I love MMA fans, you guys are a big part of why the sport is where is it now. But in these cases, please dial it down a bit.

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