Quoted Material.

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Wow! Kaith, what did you do to jazz up the QUOTE tag?

Some serious tweaking of the vB coding. :) I'm looking at a few more text formating tweaks in the future (provided I have the time to do em right) :)

Full list of current tags is a sticky-post in the support forum.
Yes, the quotes do stand out a lot more, but IMHO I'm not sure how much of an improvement it is. It looks OK for a short quote, but even then the quote's in bold and the new text in regular format -- the quote tends to draw more attention than the new stuff. And if someone quotes a lot of text, the quote almost takes over the message. Congrats on getting the "serious tweaking of the vB coding" to work, but I didn't really see anything wrong with the old quote format. You can do whatever most people seem to prefer, but I thought you might like an alternative perspective on the subject.
I see both points. Depending on the feedback, I may tweak it a bit more, so as to be obviously a quote, but not as "obvious" if yuo know what I mean? :)

Feedbacks the only way I know what folks think, so keep it coming. :)

Perhaps a less "bright" shade of light-blue?
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the quote tends to draw more attention than the new stuff. And if someone quotes a lot of text, the quote almost takes over the message.

I have noticed this myself. I think that the background color might benefit from some tweaking--that might help this. Something that is more similar to the grey background so it isn't quite as much a contrast.
I'm gonna go platy with it now, since I'm thinking about it and have actual free time tonite (wow, how'd that happen?) :)
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Hows that?

I think that's a better compromise. Speaking for myself, I do like having it set off with a different color, though I agree that it can draw to much attention if the quoted material greatly exceeds the new material in length.
I really like the look of the quoted material. it really draws the eye to what was said before, so that you don't just mull over it. The person now takes the time to read it and reply properly.

Well, atleast mos t of the time.
I have no problem with the background color, but the font size is way too big.

- Kyle
Font size problem?

What browser are you using? I'll check the code and see if its got any tweaks on font sizes, but I believe its at the defaults.
I'll check it out when I get home. If its what I think it is, I may be able to fix it.

Browser standards? Thats right up there with figuring our succession in martial arts. :)
Kyle may be right. I thought there might have been a size difference, but wasn't sure. It could have just been the bold face making it appear bigger. Well, I just did a little measurement, marking the letter height on a piece of paper, and I think quote's font is larger than the regular text's font. I'm using Netscape Communicator 4.75 on a Sun/Solaris system here at school. At home I use IE 6 (pretty sure) on a WinME system, but I don't recall if there was a font size difference there. In any case, the size difference appears to be small enough that it's not a terribly big deal, at least not to my eyes.
Hows it now guys?

I did some more tweaking, and it -seems- to look ok now to me. (I'm posting this from Mozilla, and man was that HUGE!)

sorry about that oversight.

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Is the better?

In some ways yes but I still find it a bit small. Let's see what others say--I see two others have voted for it already!