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Jan 13, 2002
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Wichita Kansas, USA
Just wondering if any of my martial arts brothers or sisters knows of any sort of training/technique/trick to deal with physical pain. (Other than "grin & bear it", I know that one all too well).
Soon I go to have a VERY long needle inserted deep... I HATE needles!
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useally they give you somthiing befor the real big thing
Brother John,

I remember once about 9 years ago several of us went to the Orange Co. Sheriff's Office to get certified as chemical weapons instructors. Part of the course was with O.C. sprays. To get the certification everyone 'volunteered' to take a hit. My friend [also named John] was very much into deep breathing exercises. He decided ahead of time to put this to the test. Instead of taking a hit in the face with eyes closed, he held his eyes open and took the full hit. He was assisted over to the side and began just breathing deeply and calmly while everyone else couldn't wait to decontaminate. He stood there for 45 minutes without decontaminating. I was very impressed as this was a full 5% blend with a dissapating aerosol that was more intense than the 10% water based product.

This may help you by just remaining calm and contolling your respiration in deep, normal intervals. Having someone to stand with you may help as encouragement. Look at women who have coaches during childbirth. May no make the pain go away but it helps them focus and get through it.

Good luck and I'll put you in prayer.
Meditiation techniques have helped me immensely with pain control. I also had some Biofeedback training which was helpful in learning to control body response.
I think one thing meditation does is to simply help you to remain calm. When you start to panic, like after an O.C. hit, your breathing gets erratic, which compounds the effects of the spray.

During my daughter's birth, I just talked my wife through basic deep 'belly' breathing. She's still amazed by how effective it was.

Seconded- deep breathing and meditating on something else... I'm not very skilled at meditation, so I think of all my Japanese terminology, then the cardiac drugs in alphabetical order & their mechanism of action, etc. Believe me, my brain gets very busy with something else and I forget there's something painful going on.

I personally like needles, but my hubby feels the same way you do.

Hope all goes well- you can do it. :cool:
Originally posted by Brother John
Just wondering if any of my martial arts brothers or sisters knows of any sort of training/technique/trick to deal with physical pain. (Other than "grin & bear it", I know that one all too well).
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I think most people are right about meditation. Also I'd like to add that handling pain as just another impulse, and you decide how to react to it helps along way. I know it sounds easier than it is.
And I'm not saying that I can do it to it's full. But MA has taught me that even with pain I can do alot, and therefor the pain is just a signal not an imhibitor.

1. breathe.
2. if you're that worried, ask them to give you a little needle with a lot of lidocaine (or some other painkiller/anesthetic) about five minutes before the big needle. then you'll feel pressure, but not pain. They'll do it for you if you ask, so long as the stuff in the big needle, if they're injecting and not drawing, is not going to interact with the anesthetic, and if they're drawing, as long as the anesthetic isn't going to interact with whatever else they're doing, like a test or something... I hope that made sense. lol.
I apreciate the concern and help!!!
Thank you all.

HEY Tunetigris: I LOVE the cat! That's awesome!

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Thanks John, I wish I could remember where I borrowed it from, LMAO!! :rofl:
local anesthetics don't have any effect on me.. this explains why getting stitches for a dog bite whe I was 5 was so freakin painfull.
I HATE needles. Could be because last time I was in the ER they let some chic who was training to be an EMT or something stick me 8 times before she got a hit.

Anyway, If it's not to personal what did you do? There a number of things you can try, but a general idea would be helpful.

Sorry you're injured.
Hey Brother John, needles aint no big deal. Just breathe out long and slow as the needle is going in. Look away from the needle as you concentrate on your breathing and will yourself to relax.

Believe me I know this technique works. After more than 10 years as an insulin dependant diabetic, there are still some days where I just can't take the needle.

Good Luck.

Some martial arts have their own breathing techniques to fight pain,besides that I would like to point out certain things that are neuroscientifically associated to affect pain tolerance.

-Taste.This refers to research which indicates that having something sweet tasting in your mouth may help fight pain.
-Sexually oriented thoughts.OK,just research based stuff.
-Positive thinking.If you think how much it織s gonna hurt,it probably will.Go like "bring it up!!"

It has been noticed that it helps some to first tap the area that is going to be penetrated.Theories vary,this may be more of a psychological thing.
And pain,for long,is to be associated with psyche.