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Due to a reoccuring medical problem which I had surgery a year and a half ago to correct but it is obviously not corrected. I am guessing I will be out of training for at least a month if not more now. I am super pissed and super down from the fact that I will be out of commission for this long. I was just about to test for my Purple belt (in like 2 weeks) and my school is putting on a demonstration next month that I was supposed to be in. All of it's a NO GO. I am so pissed. Well I am going to the doctor today and am going to ask him what he thinks but I know from my previous dealings with this that I will be outta commission for a while. :mad: Sorry just needed to vent a little. Thanks for listening.

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Jan 21, 2003
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Outta commision from physically training doesn't mean you have to stop training completely. Work on your techniques in your head, continue to go to class and watch (it'll give you the opportunity to pick the moves apart). As for the demo, you could probably be able to help out with the demo by doing at least a little something or other to free up the instructor. Not being able to be on the mat is a real bummer but you can still be as active a participant as possible.:D


Thanks all. I was planning on helping at the demo any way I could. Well I got back from the DR's a little while ago. In some pain but tolerable. I did get some good news that I may only be out a couple of weeks. Which isn't as bad as I thought. Thanks again. :)


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