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Feb 27, 2002
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Just got this from my instructor a few days ago, thought it might be of interest.



BusinesSafe is based on the idea that certain businesses and industries may be exploited by
terrorists who portray themselves as honest customers seeking to purchase, lease or somehow
appropriate certain materials, licenses and/or services to covertly further a terrorist plot.
The following are general indicators of potential terrorist planning or activities. Alone, each
indicator can result from legitimate recreational or commercial activities or criminal activity not
related to terrorism; however, multiple indicators combined with other information may possibly
suggest a terrorist threat.
Physical surveillance, which may include note taking or the use of binoculars, cameras or
maps near key facilities.
Attempts to gain sensitive information regarding key facilities or personnel through
personal contact or by telephone, mail or e-mail.
Attempts to penetrate or test physical security and response procedures at key facilities.
Attempts to improperly acquire explosives, weapons, ammunition, dangerous chemicals,
flight manuals or other materials which could be used in a terrorist attack.
Suspicious or improper attempts to acquire official vehicles, uniforms, badges, access
cards or identification for key facilities.
Presence of individuals who do not appear to belong in the workplace, business
establishment or near a key facility.
Behavior which appears to denote planning for terrorist activity, such as mapping out
routes, playing out scenarios, monitoring key facilities and timing traffic flow or signals.
Stockpiling suspicious materials or abandoning potential containers for explosives (e.g.,
vehicles or suitcases).
The following examples of activity relating to Shooting Ranges, Paintball and War-Game
Facilities, and Martial Arts Training, though not fully inclusive, may be of possible concern to
law enforcement:
Information that suggests an individual received foreign military training or attended a
military training camp overseas.
A group of customers that significantly stand apart because of their unusual intensity in
an apparent training regimen, the level of deference or respect given to a specific group
member or the extraordinary repetition of tedious drills.
Evasive responses to routine questions posed by you or your employees.
Unusual inquiries or statements made by individuals involved in recreational shooting or
sporting activity.

Unusual inquiries about martial arts methods to quickly incapacitate individuals through
pain compliance or submission without the use of traditional weapons or about the
control of individuals in confined spaces through joint manipulation or choking methods.
Inconsistencies in an individuals obvious knowledge, training and experience with the
handling of firearms and their statements to you (i.e., an attempt to mask or conceal any
proficiency possessed).
Your impressions and assessment based upon your professional business experience are
extremely valuable and should help guide you in determining if a customer request, a fact pattern
or set of circumstances is unusual.
Please remember that the conduct of an individual will not necessarily be criminal in nature.
Suspicious incidents should be reported immediately to your local law enforcement agency,
Crime Stoppers, or your regional FDLE office. You may also email a tip regarding a suspicious
incident utilizing the link on the FDLE Office of Domestic Security homepage.
For all emergencies, call 911.


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Apr 5, 2004
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" Unusual inquiries about martial arts methods to quickly incapacitate individuals through
pain compliance or submission without the use of traditional weapons or about the
control of individuals in confined spaces through joint manipulation or choking methods"

What is a "usual" inquiry on that topic? This sounds like almost every class I attend LOL


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Jul 2, 2006
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A few things to note here...

This is a FLORIDA program, it's not nationwide.

The concerns are probably good, but also probably overblown for most martial arts schools. Many of the people to worry about will take care of their martial arts training "in-house." (Note that the groups to be concerned about are definitely not limited to Islamic fundamentalists; in fact, at the moment, I'm wondering what's coming from white supremacist and militia groups over the next few months.)

I'd also be on the lookout for groups training together without what I'll call "justification" for lack of a better word. There's no easy definition -- but most legitimate martial arts groups training in parks or other places are going to be open about what they're doing, not creeping around and acting "weird."


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Jun 2, 2007
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Reminds me of the early 90's in the Kempo school.

I was in the office in the school, doing paperwork and waiting on the noon class when the largest person I had ever seen walks into the school and into the office.

Almost 7' tall, black, immensely muscled and walleyed, sweating profusely and looking nervous.

He sat down in the office chair, looked at me and in a dead pan voice asked me the following question:

"Can you teach me to kill a man with my bare hands?"

I was a bit taken aback. I felt like I should look for the hidden cameras and that guy from Candid Camera.

So I answer him as best I could, that yes, a person could be greatly harmed or killed by martial technique, but that was not the main point of the training in the school.

I asked him the only question on my mind: "Why do you want that particular type of training?"

He looked at me and calmly, sweatingly reached up to the collar on his shirt and pulled it down. An ugly scar ran from below his ear to the top of his sternal notch in a line.

He explained to me that he had been part of the ground forces which had gone into Kuwait and that he had found himself grabbed and his throat slashed. His concern was based on a desire to suppliment the LINE training which he had recieved in the military for CQB hand to hand.

He had felt that it was his responsibility to augment his training however he could to both be a better soldier as well as to protect himself.

Willie turned out to be a great guy, all smiles and quiet work. Always willing to listen and go anywhere and train with anyone.

But that isnt the story which I was telling, only that even with the impact of Willie's intimidating appearance he hadnt been the most 'disturbing looking' person to visit me that day.

Earlier, men from the local Mosque had visited and requested information on how to order 'Blades, ninja weapons, that kind of thing'. A group of five people, all wearing middle eastern clothing and asking about how to get weapons was also intimidating. I gave them an AWMA catalogue and politely sent them on their way, as they were uninterested in classes outside of the mosque or their community.

Doesnt matter who walks in the door. I cant stop insane people from getting weapons or training when there are communities of them like noted by others on this thread.

What I can do is be professional and a good example to the people who walk into the school.

By showing my humility and kindness, I hope to reach into the heart of even my enemy and find a friend.

Even so, should that fail, I am not averse to simply reaching in and finding the heart of my enemy. But I will still know that was a failure, and keep trying.

Just a few pennies....


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