Nails, screws and screwdrivers


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Apr 29, 2021
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there is uk case law that a screw driver is NOT automatically an offensive weapon, you don't need to justify it

they make a really good club

but there a whole load of weapons you don't need to justify, how about a tin of spam in a carrier bag, i once knocked someone out cold with my lunch

how about a walking cane
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hell get a rounders bat and a tennis ball
Those are pictures of my canes!!! No wonder it looks so familiar!!! :))
The picture show some with pads for hitting bags, this is a picture of the canes for self defense:
My 3 sticks.jpg

#1 is 1.1" diameter rattan with skin, about 11oz. Middle is the Cold Steel City stick with home made handle to look normal, it's about 13.5oz, it's very dense and hard. #3 is United Cutlery Nylon cane, it's 17oz. This is the one I am carrying everywhere.

I think cane is the best, just say you have gout pain on you foot!!! Only thing though, you still have to practice, can't just carry it out and hope for the best. Most of my posts here are talking about cane training and I spend a lot of time in the past 3 months on stick fighting.
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Oct 13, 2006
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Phone 112 and inform the police, if he's 'connected' then he will be known to them. By informing the police you've set yourself up as the person who is legally defending himself.
(This is the non emergency police number, it's actually very useful)

Don't automatically assume you are going to have a fight with him, this may actually start one. Carrying a weapon can give you a false sense of security, and make you feel you have to use it. The other side of that is not being used to it and struggling to get it out of your pocket.

All knuckle dusters are illegal here.