My opinion on Qi in Taijiquan, and education on 6 harmonies

Xue Sheng

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Jan 8, 2006
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Nice video

Good thing to discuss. there are an awful lot of folks out there that train "Internal Chinese martial arts" that know nothing about the 6 external harmonies. And it is easy to notice, just by watching their form

For the record, in China, Shen is "Mind" I have a post on here somewhere that explains that better as well as the misconception may have about Shen

And my favorite explanation of Qi (energy) comes from the TCM people I know from China.

Strong Qi you're healthy
Weak Qi your sick
No Qi your dead

Another good saying to know Yi, Qi Li. Which you did cover. Thought controls energy, energy controls muscle

Story about breathing; My shifu use to say the same exact thing about breathing, when asked, that his Shifu (my shigong - Tung Ying Chieh) use to say. When asked about breathing the response "Yes you should"


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Apr 10, 2008
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An older senior student of my Master (from Hong Kong) refers to shen as "spirit," but in the sense of the result of good qi and yi.

By that, he meant that if your mind and body are functioning well, you will be spirited, energetic, happy, enthusiastic, vigorous, alert.