1. Ivan

    How does Ki benefit you?

    I have read about it and come across it in multiple types of media. From books by masters of different martial arts, including Musashi I believe, to common meditation commercials. However, I cannot find any literature on how Ki can benefit the individual, whether it be in their normal day to day...
  2. S

    My opinion on Qi in Taijiquan, and education on 6 harmonies

    How to understand qi in taijiquan, an introduction, and 6 harmonies.
  3. Douwe Geluk

    How Chuen Kungfu trailer by Douwe Geluk

    How Chuen Kungfu is something of a Monkey art. I studied the art under Fred Decramer he said he took the system from Indonesia and learnt it from.Chinese immigrants. So it merely is a form of kungfu or kuntao i suppose. I trained it for about 10 years but stopped around 1996 . We trained in...
  4. Douwe Geluk

    Tai Chi video of Wu Wei Cup 2018 Germany

    Wu Wei Cup 2018 in Hamburg Germany This is a Tai Chi video of Tai Ji team the Netherlands at the WuWeiCup 2018 in the City of Hamburg in Germany (deutschland).Team Douwe Geluk and others from Holland: