1. KimBjjTaiChi

    Chen Tai Chi martial arts form by Laura Bonthuis

    Laura Bonthuis is my girlfriend and a Dutch martial arts practitioner. Besides martial arts she was a very good Badminton player and won many tournaments and titles. She practised full contact kickboxing under a famous Dutch teacher Wim Scharrenberg ( brother of Koen Scharrenberg a Kyokushinkai...
  2. S

    My opinion on Qi in Taijiquan, and education on 6 harmonies

    How to understand qi in taijiquan, an introduction, and 6 harmonies.
  3. S

    How to develop Peng jin

    Video for beginners to have a sense of peng jin.
  4. S

    Yang 8 movement form for beginners and elderly

    Yang 8 movement form for beginners and elderly, split screen to make it easy to follow...
  5. S

    My intro and my Taijiquan book for kids...

    Hello. Im new to the forum. I have a passion for taijiquan. I'm going to posting a lot of videos on here and I do everything I can to foster a taijiquan community. We have free meetups all across Texas which I will be posting on here as well. My lineage is from Li Tianji and Yang Shou Hou. I...
  6. Diaitadoc

    Yang Taiji Application Project

    Hello everyone! Ive been practicing traditional Yang Taiji for about 15 years. Early in my training, I practiced form and push hands equally; then moved cities and took a break from partner practice, continuing forms practice on my own. Recently, Ive gotten a group together to explore and...
  7. K

    Progresssion in taijiquan!

    I am a relative newbie to Chen style taijiquan. So far (~1 year) it's been primarily learning the forms and have not done any partnered drills or training. I was wondering for the "average" student in taijiquan schools, Chen specifically, how soon into the training do you typically get...