My first BJJ competition


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Apr 8, 2018
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Hi guys, I haven’t been active in a while. To recap, after my issues with my striking journey, I decided to switch to grappling full time. I already had some very minor BJJ experience but I dropped all my striking apart from some light technique on my own and started taking as many grappling classes as I could. I would train BJJ 13-15 hours weekly, along with some strength and conditioning for it, and I plan to take up some Judo and Sambo classes on the side once I return to Scotland.
I am currently back in England and writing this 2 days after my first BJJ competition, a single-elimination tournament in Brighton, where I won my first match and was eliminated in the second via submission by a guillotine choke. I have footage of my first match below!

For reference, I am wearing the black gi with the red belt, grappling against the guy in the white gi.

I am lucky and grateful to have had a coach from my gym down in England coaching me as well as the support from the rest of my team, even though I entered as an individual competitor. I am also thankful for my grandma who came to support me all the way from Bulgaria. During the match, the adrenaline hit me very hard - as soon as it started it was as if my body was an autopilot and had no chance to think or collect my thoughts. Leading up to it just before it started I expected I would be much more nervous but I am very happy that I managed to keep my nerves in check.

I honestly thought I was losing the match. I almost got caught in a triangle choke, although I do like to bait my opponents into engaging with them in their closed guard so that I can pass with a over-under pass. Three minutes or so in, I pulled guard into a triangle choke which I attempted to finish for the rest of the round. Although my opponent could not get out of it, and I could see and feel him straining, I simply could not finish it. It was odd for me as it’s one of my most common submissions. My coach explained to me that I had not cut an angle properly to fully apply the choke, and I imagine I didn’t realise this because of the adrenaline.

In my last 20 seconds, I heard my coach screaming to switch to an arm bar, which I did. My opponent propped up to get his arm out, and as I went to push him back down and submit, the match finished and I won by a 10-4 point advantage. At the end, my mouth was so dry I started gagging on my mouthpiece. My coach had to help me walk to a wall and prop myself up to recover as the adrenaline had taken so much out of me. It was an amazing experience.

Unfortunately, my grandma God bless her, wasn’t able to film my second match. I think that she didn’t realise she wasn’t recording, as she’s not the best with technology. I lost via a guillotine choke from guard that caught me off guard as I was scrambling to take the opponents back. I believe that part of the reason I lost was because I had cooled off too much after my first match. I had a 20 minute break, and did not warm up before hand. I was caught off guard by how explosive my opponent was, and being cooled off as well as focusing on pacing myself left me like a deer in headlights.

I plan to sign on to the IBJJF London Internationals Open in July. I have started preparing and my coach also taught me the Von Flue choke to counter guillotine attacks. However, I have also been working on some basics during my spare time (my favourite). I have filmed myself sprawling (both sides) on multiple angles and I was hoping I could have some evaluation of my technique? Also anything you spot in my comp footage that I could work on would be awesome. Thanks to everyone on here for having my back. Glad to be back on here again.

I feel most awkward with my left leg forward as my hip seems to keep clicking