1. D

    A competitive Pursuit

    So about 6 months ago I returned to judo after a 6 year lay off. I enjoy it alot and have recently become interested in becoming more competitive (Not for a career but just dedicated to compete for hobby) however I'm currently 19 and i asked a National judoka in my club who trains BJJ and he...
  2. Ivan

    Dealing with competition nerves

    Hey guys. I am going to be competing at a BJJ tournament this Sunday. I am usually a very stressful person, its just in my nature and has been since I was young. I have to say these last few weeks leading up to my competition Ive handled it quite well. Ive competed before, and I used to have...
  3. Ivan

    Elbow Pain after grappling

    Hi guys. I have had an issue with my elbows for quite a while. It started all the way back in January I believe, perhaps some weeks before this. After BJJ training, I would get some extremely sharp pain in my elbows, that was very debilitating and painful - the drives home would be arduous and...
  4. Ivan

    Adopting a competitive mentality

    Hi. As many of you know I have begun to compete in jiujitsu. I have attended two competitions now, for a total of four matches, and have also watched teammates compete and noticed different things. I have another competition coming up at the end of this month, a round-robin tournament and, of...
  5. Ivan

    My first BJJ competition

    Hi guys, I havent been active in a while. To recap, after my issues with my striking journey, I decided to switch to grappling full time. I already had some very minor BJJ experience but I dropped all my striking apart from some light technique on my own and started taking as many grappling...
  6. Back-Heeling - Billy Edward

    Back-Heeling - Billy Edward

    Back-Heeling The Art of Boxing and Manual of Training by Billy Edward, 1888, New York, Excelsior Publishing House.
  7. G

    Alternating body building and martial arts

    Quick question, i want to do bodybuilding but i also want to do martial arts, theres a martial arts gym that offers classes every day that alternate between boxing and grappling, normally i work out monday to friday targeting different muscle groups each day so i was wondering should i do one...
  8. Ivan

    Legendary grapplers

    I have been involved in martial arts for almost my entire life. However, apart from some judo classes as a kid, and some japanese jiujitsu classes I didn't fully appreciate as a teenager, I have only ever been involved in striking: Taekwondo, Boxing, Kikcboxing, Capoeira etc. I picked up BJJ...
  9. LoneWolfPrince253

    Punishing grapples

    I honestly want to know, if theres such thing as a punishing grapple. I.E. A block that can throw an opponent to go to the mat and do ground work or throw them down and go for a tap out or is it even possible? Punishing Grapple in definition means to grab a strike and take them to the ground on...

    A New Paradigm for BJJ Academys

    Is there a different way to train? Is the current Academy model the only way to learn BJJ? What are the things that you would change about your gym, and how you would do it better?
  11. D

    Hapkido School in Central Ohio

    I want to give Hapkido a try. I live in Columbus, Ohio. I have only been able to find 4 schools. 3 of them are very expensive, and on the other side of town. The other one is only 1 day a week at the rec center. Does anyone here know of any good schools close to Columbus they could recommend...
  12. whitebeltforever

    How many times a week should a beginner train?

    At the moment I'm averaging 2 - 3 classes a week, and was wondering if this is enough for progress? i have other activities too but was wondering, how many times everyone trains per week? What is your goal in judo, and does your training routine align with your goals? Are you training more or...
  13. Gerry Seymour

    NAGA Competition

    I've been eyeing (it turns out my hands don't know how to type that word) a NAGA competition. There's one a couple of hours from me, and I should be able to make it out to watch this year, considering competing next year. I'm hoping someone here is familiar with the format and can give me some...
  14. Shakya

    Grappling takedown - back of head wide open?

    Since we know already that it is illegal to strike the back of the head in MMA bouts, and of course in wrestling competitions, does this mean that this is the 'chink in the armor' for grapplers in truly martial contexts? As the doctor and karate enthusiast in this video explains, strikes to...
  15. Isaiah90

    Starting modern self defense school in NC

    Starting my own self defense school in NC. Trained martial artists and untrained peeps are welcome to join. With years of self defense training, heres what i have to offer. Diversity - What makes my lessons unique? Theres no set system of self defense training. Instead, i invite a diverse...
  16. CoachRonald

    Why should law enforcement officers train BJJ?

    Hi dears comrades, Nowadays everybody seems to be aware of the importance of BJJ being part of the routine of training. There are many reasons to become adept, but in the case of military and law eforcement officers it seems like there was a remaining doubt if it is an...
  17. FightHACKS

    My buddy, Mathew Pollino Shares his 5 Basic Back Attacks for Beginners

  18. Gerry Seymour

    Show me some leg...

    @drop bear posted recently about using a common entry to single-leg and double-leg takedowns. That got me thinking about digging deeper into the rudimentary version I teach. So, here's my request: post a video of something similar to your favorite single-leg and/or double-leg takedown for...
  19. L

    KKeokgi & Neomgigi.

    Can anyone tell me anything about these concepts, they seem like grappling/grabbing techniques. I've got a digital student handbook so I'm sure it doesn't explain things as well, plus my master doesn't really go over this, but I'm loving taekwondo so far. I've got a concept of a basic throw...
  20. BJJCop

    I really like this leglock..

    Quick Kill #1..Had great success with this. It's so quick and basic when practised. It sure gets a nasty tap when it's on too. :wtf: Even little points and details would be brilliant to sharpen this up as I find it works for me as an individual, used this very one three times serving in UK LE...
  21. Chester Wright

    Video of a quick roll.

    This is a video of me rolling with Brian (A blue Belt). This took place at Progressive Fighting Systems of Virginia.