1. Ivan

    What is cowardice? Am I coward? I feel like a coward.

    Hi guys, as some of you know I had another competition today. Although I won a silver medal, it was my worst competition so far, and the worst performance Ive ever put on. I felt quite disappointed with myself, and honestly the medal is just a reminder of that. My first match I was up against...
  2. Ivan

    Lethargy after competition

    Hi everyone. As you know I competed just last Sunday and I posted my footage here. I had a total of 10 matches, each more exhausting than the next, some right after the other. Ever since the competition, I am feeling extremely lethargic. It is the first time in a very long time where I have...
  3. Ivan

    Competition results and footage: No Gi

    Hey guys! This is a continuation from my last thread with the remainder of my competition footage. Any advice or criticism is appreciated. Match 6, Gi Finals - Loss via Triangle choke This is a match which I am quite ashamed of. My opponent pulled guard straight into a foot and collar guard...
  4. Ivan

    Competition results and footage: Silver medal in gi tournament!

    Hey guys! I wanted to start off by thanking all of you for your help on my previous post where I asked for advice on dealing with stress before the competition. I found all of your advice extremely helpful and will continue to follow it for future competitive events. I was also very fortunate to...
  5. D

    My best takedowns in tournaments

    Looking at some old 史ideos, I decided to make this compilation to remember the good times. Youtube Channel Instagram
  6. D

    My last tournament

    That competition was US Nationals 2021 in Reno - NV. I fought 3x and won every fight by ippon, it was a lot of fun, I made new friends, an incredible experience! Before this competition, I had competed in 2014. Now I'm planning my next competition. And how about you guys, when is your...
  7. Ivan

    Another BJJ competition

    Hey guys, Ive just had my first round robin tournament yesterday and I did a lot better than my other competitions. I won 3 out of my 4 matches. The winners were supposed to be decided by having an elimination tournament of the top 3 performing competitors in each group, after the division was...
  8. Ivan

    Adopting a competitive mentality

    Hi. As many of you know I have begun to compete in jiujitsu. I have attended two competitions now, for a total of four matches, and have also watched teammates compete and noticed different things. I have another competition coming up at the end of this month, a round-robin tournament and, of...
  9. Ivan

    My first BJJ competition

    Hi guys, I havent been active in a while. To recap, after my issues with my striking journey, I decided to switch to grappling full time. I already had some very minor BJJ experience but I dropped all my striking apart from some light technique on my own and started taking as many grappling...
  10. E

    Looking for a Place to Buy a Competition Bo

    (For context, I'm using my bo for tricking, and I'm not worried about contact.) I've had a pretty nice graphite bo from Century for a while, but now that I'm getting better and I'll be going into bigger tournaments soon, I would like to find a genuine competition bo. The biggest thing for...
  11. Ivan

    What separates a good form practitioner from a bad one in your art?

    I see a lot of people that get excited about winning a specific position when performing katas/forms etc, however, I have never understood how judges decide who wins and loses, points etc. In my Tae Kwon Do class, my Sa bum states that there are four points which are judged when performing...
  12. D

    How take a hit well

    Hey guys, I sometimes struggle with fear of getting hit, but I dont want let it affect me, especially when it comes to sparring. How do you guys face this fear?
  13. Gerry Seymour

    NAGA Competition

    I've been eyeing (it turns out my hands don't know how to type that word) a NAGA competition. There's one a couple of hours from me, and I should be able to make it out to watch this year, considering competing next year. I'm hoping someone here is familiar with the format and can give me some...
  14. D

    Why compete in tournaments?

    Hey guys, I have never competed in any tournament in my martial arts career. I am 26 years old now. Ive only been taking classes. And I got back into it over a year ago after college. I studied Taekwondo. But I would like to know why many of you guys compete. If either of you would like to...
  15. K

    Axe Kicks in Karate?

    Ive only recently started my karate training, earning my 6th kyu, but I have my first dan in tangsoo do and gongkwon yusul and my 2nd dan in TKD. I love using axe kicks in Taekwondo sparring but since transitioning to shotokan karate I notice no one throws it. So really my question is in...
  16. K

    TKD Sparring- Why aren't front kicks thrown?

    While the simple answer to why front kicks aren't thrown is that the kick is usually done with the top of the foot and there isn't a scoring area for that kind of front kick. However if the toes are pulled back and the kick is executed with the ball of the foot being the point of impact would...
  17. K

    Sport Poomsae

    I've trained in martial arts since I was four years old. I have my black belt in Taekwondo, Tangsoodo, and GongKwon Yusul and currently my green belt in Shotokan. I used to compete a lot, primarily in sparring but I used to do poomsae as well. However, the last time I competed was the first time...
  18. Seizan

    "World Championship"...?

    Hi folks, after a long time under my rock on Okinawa... If you look in the phone directory of any major city, you will find enough 10th Dan Masters, National Champions, and even World Champions to populate another whole city...! Now really -- there can only be so many real "World Champions"...
  19. P

    Sparring gear for special needs kids

    I recently had a student sign up, who in fact has had surgery on their legs and is using Martial Arts to aid in the rehab of his joints. I need recommendations for sparring shoes that will have arch supports in them or can be modified with arch supports so aid in his point sparring competition...