1. Ivan

    More shadowboxing footage of me

    Hi. I have not been active recently on here or on my own website - I have approached university exam season which involves heavy studying and I have also been preparing for my first BJJ competition on the 19th June along with 11-15 hours BJJ schedules weekly. Ever since not making the cut for...
  2. Ivan

    The distaste for strength in martial arts

    Hi. I am writing an article on the attitudes towards physical strength in martial arts, and would like to get your perspective on this issue (if it is an issue, I personally feel that it is) in martial arts, since you're all much more experienced than me. Every since I started training, I saw...
  3. Ivan

    How do you spar someone who is faster than you?

    I was at my local kickboxing gym and I feel that I have made some improvement in terms of being more aggressive in sparring. However, one of the instructors that I spar with is considerably faster than me - given that my main tactics when it comes to sparring are to outbox and rely on punishing...
  4. Ivan

    Improvements in my shadowboxing

    Hey guys. Ive been working on your advice since the last time I posted as well asked for advice on an amateurs boxing forum. I was told I needed to focus on punching at head height and full extension in my punches. I have also started to introduce blocks as part of my shadowboxing, and also I...
  5. Ivan

    Attempting on-your-toes boxing footwork - please critique!

    Hey guys, I'm sorry to be a bother, I know it's only been a couple of days since my last post with footage of me, but given that I am shifting my footwork almost completely, I thought it was important to get feedback on it sooner than usual to avoid getting into bad habits. I'd rather focus on...
  6. Ivan

    Boxing and Peek-a-boo: The Key to technical success

    I have been practicing drills Mike Tyson used in his training, for months now. I have also been interested in his style of boxing, pretty much since I started. Due to my problems with not being able to stand my ground in the ring, I never navigated towards it. But after months of drilling...
  7. Taekiso

    Will you trust Tech for practicing martial art?

    Hello martial art friends, I've been a passionate martial artist since my childhood, growing up with the Jacky Chan, Bruce Lee movies,... ;-) I accumulated over 20 years of practice and some years of teaching as well (mainly Taekwondo). Today with the pandemic we had limited or no-access to...
  8. Ivan

    The purpose of crescent kicks?

    Is there any point to these kicks? I feel like it's very hard to have any power behind them, and I can only imagine them being used for blocking like in the movies. Do you use any crescent kicks in sparring, and what for?
  9. Ivan

    We've discussed targeting the biceps and forearms in a fight. But what about the funny bone?

    We've all felt it. You hit your elbow, and that numbness sears it all over. Today however, I leaned back in my chair, and hit my elbow with very little force. But I hit my funny bone at such a precise point that my entire forearm from elbow to the tip of my pinky finger went numb for around half...
  10. Ivan

    Spin hook to scissor takedown?

    I have been munching on this possibility for a while, but due to lack of any sparring partners or mats, I haven't been able to try it out. But I was wondering if anyone here has ever attempted to transition from a back spin hook kick, to a scissor kick takedown? I would imagine all you have to...
  11. Ivan

    Hip trouble with the the Jump 360 Round Kick

    I have been trying to do this kick for a while now. Up until a month or so ago, I had been spending a lot of effort on mastering the normal roundhouse kick. I would practice my right leg's kick, with the right leg at the front and back of my stance, and also did the same with my left leg. I used...
  12. K

    New Jiu Jitsu and MMA channel for Kids and Adults, something for Quarantine days

    Hey guys, not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum and apologies if I have done so, but we started a new channel for Jiu Jitsu and MMA for both kids and adults aimed at showcasing fighting moves, tournament highlights and anti-bullying techniques, You can see some of these vids here...
  13. Ivan

    Optimal amount of time for training techniques daily?

    A while ago I made a post about the possibility of training for 6 hours daily. Clearly I had forgotten about the timeless adage about quality over quantity. Up until that point, I had been attempting to (unsuccessfully) go on diet/regime which involved skipping dinner, as well as practising my...
  14. Ivan

    Checking my sidekick and some questions

    Here is a video of me performing my sidekick. I do it with my right leg first (my stronger one) and then on my left. Apart from some constructive criticism on my technique I would like to ask some questions. How far back (towards the root leg) should one lean back whilst doing a sidekick, and...
  15. Ivan

    Would Martial Arts created by women fundamentally be better than those created by men?

    The only martial art I know of that originated from a woman is Wing Chun, according to a documentary by the History Channel I watched a while ago. But I have been thinking during my hiatus from posting here. Would martial arts founded by women be more efficient for their intended purpose due to...
  16. Ivan

    Differences between Destreza Vulgar and Destreza Verdadera in Spain?

    What were the main differences between both of these style of fencing, technique and stance wise? Moreover, what were their origins and history? The only piece of information I've found is that Verdadera was supposedly reserved for nobles.
  17. Ivan

    Please critique my front kick

    I have recorded myself doing the front kick on both legs in four different manners. Back right leg front kick, front right leg front kick, back left leg front kick, and front left leg front kick. Prior to me filming this video, I practiced by doing 400 front kicks, 100 for each position. Note...
  18. J

    Exercise techniques in MA classes

    I'm currently having some issues in class. The more that I am taking part of fitness outside of Martial Arts, the more I'm noticing issues with technique when fellow students are taking part in fitness and warm ups at my club. I'm not sure what to do as this is quite difficult for me, knowing...
  19. Ademadis

    Kime and relaxation problems help :)

    Hi guys! I've hit a wall currently where I'm putting far too much strength into all my techniques. I know it's reducing my speed, making my kata look like a jumpy youtube video and generally hindering me. Everyone who notices it tells me 'you just need to relax more' but I find this incredibly...
  20. B

    Name of technique?

    Does anyone know the name of this technique, i believe its an alteration. a palm heel to the chin which takes the head back and the balance with it. After this, pressure is maintained on the chin, pushing the head back as Tori's inner leg does an osoto gari type sweep while stepping in and...