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Aug 4, 2001
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Mod Note : This is a merging of several threads on this subject. There may be some disjointment due to this. - Kaith

Just a thought...
Its been mentioned a few times here about having a large gathering of Modern Arnis practicioners similar to the Kenpo "Gathering of Eagles" (think thats what its called).

I bounced this one around a little bit, and had an idea on how this may work to give the most exposure. In Sci-Fi fandom theres a concept called WorldCon. Its held every year, but each year in a different city. Perhaps we can do something similar? Get all the MA groups together, vote on a host city (school) and get things rolling. I'm of the opinion that promoted correctly, this could have several hundred people show up, with much higher numbers in some areas. (I'd expect a supercamp in the Phip. and Japan to top 500 easily)

Each group has their own camps each year, and still could. I believe that they are scheduled so as to not overlap each other too much. Perhaps pick a month thats traditionally 'slow' and see if thats a good time for it.

Backing up a hair...maybe rather than voting, you take all the host-sponsor groups names, put them in a hat, and select 1 at random? Once you've hosted it, you're not eligible for a couple years to re-host?

Just tossing out some ideas. The org leaders are the folks who know the headaches on this better than I. Would be nice though if this could get off the ground. The experience level to see if everyone got involved, shared and opened their minds and learned. And, Hey....wouldn't it be just too cool to see all of the MOTTs and Datus and other Modern Arnis teachers under one roof doing what they do best, together? :)


Recent references:
As I said before. If you host it I'll be there.

Datu Tim Hartman
From Sweden till the 28th!


P.S. This makes 1, anyone else what to throw thier hat in?
I think the idea would be great.

I would love to attend. With my limited experience
of 16+ years I am always looking for new people
to train with and to learn from.

Great idea! If we can get onto one big conference call or some such, I think it could be worked out. I'd attend for sure.
Dan Anderson
I'll be there with steel in my hands..
might as well cut to Modern Arnis..
there's #2..

Off to Israel June 1-14..or so...

I believe David Ng and Dan Anderson have also indicated their interest.

Dr. Barber, you have 4, I think. :)

As a request, can you all pick up this topic here:

This is wandering from the original intent of this thread, and I'd like to seperate the thoughts a bit.

Thank you,


it織s really hard to decide in what thread one should send the answer to. I will do in several.
Just a quick note that I, if I can get the date organized family wise, am interested to participate and instruct in such an event.

Datu Dieter Kn羹ttel
I have mentioned in the past that I could see a time when we could all work together. Tim and I have talked about this also. Could this be the time?

Dan McConnell
Modern Arnis of Ohio
Hilliard Budo Center
Originally posted by Kaith Rustaz

I believe David Ng and Dan Anderson have also indicated their interest.

[K] Dr. Barber, you have 4, I think. :)

Actually, I would not want to commit David as a active participant fro doing a demo/seminar within a Symposium because what he wrote was:

[DN] Dr. Barber,
>Please go to the following thread...

>I share the same idea of a joint gathering and am in support of >your can count me in if it comes to light...

>David Ng
>Triangle Kung-fu Arnis Academy
>Raleigh, NC

I took that to mean that supports the idea and that he would be willing to help if the event can become a reality. Well it seems now that we have 5 definates, so the fun begins. I will begin the organizational aspect of getting a facility and hotel group rates together next week. I am leaving, this afternoon for the weekend to attend my son's college graduation, so I will be off-line until Monday or Tuesday.

As a request, can you all pick up this topic here:

This is wandering from the original intent of this thread, and I'd like to seperate the thoughts a bit.

Thank you,

Not a problem, I am just following the path outlined in the e-mails that I have recieved from the forum.

Jerome Barber, Ed.D.
To all interested,
We are headed in the right direction...this is what the Professor would want. everyone coming together sharing and spreading the art...

I do support the gathering and am willing to teach as well if you would like...

take care to all,

If you get to teach, I get to teach! NAAA NAAA NA DOO DOO.
Ok, so far Dr. Barbers the guy organizing one, so I'm turning this thread over to him and everyone else interested in a super camp (which is the only way I can think of such a gathering).

There have been affermatives by:
Dan Anderson
The Presas Family
David Ng
Dieter Kn羹ttel
Tim Hartman
and I think a few others (sorry if I missed ya)

I believe Dr.B was targeting 2003 as the date?

If I can assist in anyway, please let me know. :)

Good luck. It looks like you've got a lot of work ahead of you all, but, it sounds like you're all off to a great start.
Are you gonna bring any female ring personalities??
Paul to bring female Ring Personalities?

That would be nice, given Pauls' eye condition.:D

If Paul and MAO get to teach, I want to teach

Not Fair!;)

Rich Parsons
Lakan Tatlo
Flint Modern Arnis Club

You bet!

So far I've got my little brother Jim who is willing to dress up like a chick.

Besides that, I better put out an open invitation for hot chicks to participate in the WWF demo!:p
I would like to participate and even have the
chance to teach ;)

Rich Parsons
Lakan Tatlo
Flint Modern Arnis Club
Isn't there a general FMA gathering called Sama Sama?