Modern Arnis Seminar in Michigan


Apr 17, 2002
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At an OP in view of your house...
I have announced this previously, but here is more info....

WMAA of Michigan seminar featuring.....

Datu Tim Hartman

Date: November 16th, 2002
Time: 1pm to 5 pm
Location: World Gym on Paint Creek Trail
637 Main St.
Rochester, MI 48307

Cost: $60 after November 8th
$45 pre-register before November 8th

For more details on the seminar, directions, or accomidations, contact me at (248)722-1634 or [email protected]

I would recomend this to anyone. Whether beginner or advanced, you will definatily improve your Modern Arnis with Mr. Hartman! Hope to see you there!! :D

Thank you!

Paul Janulis
Hey Paul or Tim,

What is the Agenda planned for this seminar?


Hi guys!

I am just checking in to remind you all of this seminar. It'll be the first one that I am hosting at the new World Gym in Rochester, and it'll be the first seminar that I am hosting for Datu Tim Hartman. I'm really excited! This will be a great time, with good quality training. I don't want any of you to miss it. So...pack your bags and get ready! I want all 1,000 or so members of this forum to be there. O.K.....maybe that's a stretch, but I want you all to come anyways!;)

For WMAA members, this will be a good time for us to get together. For non WMAA members, this will be a good way for you to come meet Tim and some of the other group members, and see for yourself what WMAA quality is about!

Just to let you all know, I am going through a difficult transition period right now, so my martialtalk time will be severly limited. I will be checking my e-mails every couple of days, however, so I can email you if you need me to respond that way. My phone # listed above is always available. Please preregister soon if you haven't already. If your coming from out of State, call me and I can help you with accomidations if you need to stay overnight. If your bringing a group, call me and we can discuss a possible group rate.

I hope to see all of you very soon!

Paul Janulis

Thanks for the group rate discount. Me and all my personalities will enjoy it.

Looking forward to the seminar. I have some new stuff I've been working on for this event.

Heck yea!

I'm looking foward to this too. I hope that all my new kenpo friends that I met over the weekend will come also. I think that we are going to cover some really good material. This is a must for newbee's as well as old timers.

I hope to see you all soon!
To all my friends and associates in Canada, Buffalo and or elsewhere, I have a spare bed a couch and love seat and a fouton available to anyone looking to come out early or to stay late for the seminar. I am less than an hour from Rochester, so
the drive either to or from would not be a killer.

If interested, contact me and I will get you my Address and
phone numbers.

Best wishes and safe travels

Thanks for putting out that offer. That'll make it easier if any of the Canadians who have long drives (or anyone else for that matter), and who wanna stay overnight.

For anyone wanting to stay overnight, please call me as well and I'm sure I can find arrangements for you, even if Hotel Paul and Hotel Rich get fully booked! :p
Originally posted by Renegade


who's going to be there this weekend?

I plan on being there if only to get my Training Knives Renegade is bring over the border for me. :D

I enjoyed the seminar today in Rochester Michigan.

Good stuff

Rich :)

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