Martial Arts Video Chronicles on the Web

Michael Billings

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Apr 5, 2002
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Had a couple of links I want to recommend. Got one from Kirk's page and added it to mine;


Actual movies for martial artists who don't have to take themselves real seriously .... something we all need around some, especially when it gets tense on this and the technical thread.

Then I have been watching the Little Ninjai since their inception. They are into their 11th chapter now. It is animated and sometimes graphic, so not suitable for younger kids, BUT I LOVE IT. And just when you did not think I had a dark side. Go to:

The Little Ninjai

They all build upon each other. The have martial wallpaper and the Kwoon has screen shots for wallpaper.

Posting on Kenpo thread on purpose, hope the moderators keep it here even if they move a copy elsewhere for more general us.

Happy viewing, or with Ninjai, somewhat mildly graphic, bloody viewing. Make up your own minds. But support them so I can still watch them.