MA demographics in U.S.


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See this thread on E-Budo; the article is here (for $2.95).

* 18.1 million Americans participated in some sort of MA at least once in the past year (9.4 million adults, 5.5 million teenagers, 3.2 million kids)

* 5% of adults say they participated in martial arts last year, and 28% of those say they do martial arts "every chance they get." This group is fairly evenly split among men (52%) and women (48%).
Originally posted by arnisador
See this thread on E-Budo; the article is here (for $2.95).

That would almost validate a statement that I made earlier about there probably were millions of people in the USA that were Kyu rank MA practioners.

I'm sure that 18.1 million includes the cardio stuff and people who just tried out the arts but there definately seems to many American martial artists.

arnisador, I agree with with Yilisifu, Very interesting!! :asian:
Out of those 28%, how many are willing to give it their all?

Interesting numbers, much higher than I would expect... I'm glad yet pessimistic about these numbers. I'm glad that people are interested in the arts, but how many people are deceiving themselves? How many people are getting false ideas of security? How many people actually train hard, more than 10 hours a week? Life gets in the way, yes, but I still used to manage at least 3 hours of training a day, 6 days a week... Maybe due to my profession.
I recall an old study done back in the early 70's ot indicate which martial arts were the most popular. It was very interesting.

Worldwide (if my memory is correct which is sometimes questionable), Taiji was the most popular martial art because millions of Chinese do it every day.

Judo came in 2nd, Taekwondo 3rd, Japanese karate 4th, Okinawan karate 5th, and kung-fu 6th. Everything else was up for grabs.

It would be interesting to do a similar study nowadays....
you may get cardio kickboxing in there, but how many boxers consider them selves to practice a martial art, and how many wrestlers would call what they domartial art?

also those numbers aren't all that high. only 28% of 5% = 1.4% of people consider themselves to be serious (practice whenever they can) martial artists..

still I tihnk this brings genneral validation to a statement I made to a freind that "I could probably take 90% of americans in a straight fight) :p

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