fist of fury

In response to Kirk's Why? Why? Why? thread question as to MMA'ers attitudes expressed on many forums in which many portray themselves as part of this great "new discovery" of training many styles. Why do people seem to believe that this is something so new a revolutionary that they seem to hold some great fighting secret. When in fact many of the old day masters trained in multiple styles and developed thier own styles, Many M.M.A'ers(not all) seem to have the attitude that this has never been before. Mixing styles is nothing new or revolutionary.


well genneraly when someone refers to MMA they are refering to the sport, proponants of the sport could argue that as a combat sport MMA in genneral has fewer limitations on your method of fighting than any other rule set, and as such it's an excelent tool for sharpening your skills. Genneraly I would say there hasn't been anything like it in modern time, keep in mind it's a wide spred sport not simply a martial art (I would in fact argue that it isn't a form of martial art at all).

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