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Jan 29, 2006
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Jerry Millen who is an exec for M-1 global addresses a lot of things in this article. Always good to hear the other party's views on things since we have only heard from the UFC in recent days (Very interesting read).

Key Points:

So if M-1 Global isn't concerned about Emelianenko's chances for success in the UFC, why were company officials unwilling to accept what they concede was a generous offer from UFC president Dana White for "The Last Emperor's" services?

"It boils down to respect," Millen said. "(M-1 Global president) Vadim (Finkelchtein) has been doing MMA for a long time, and he wants the M-1 brand to grow, for profit or for loss. We're in a co-promotion for Strikeforce as a co-promotion. If it makes a profit, great, we all make a profit. If it makes a loss, we share in that loss.

Millen admits M-1 Global officials have been put off by White's derogatory comments toward them and Emelianenko, as well as the UFC exec's flip-flopping position on the Russian heavyweight's fighting abilities.

"Is the best competition in the UFC?" Millen asked. "I don't know. Any given day, anyone can be the best competition. Do I think Brock Lesnar is the best competition for Fedor right now? I don't know. Is he? He's only had five MMA fights.


Below is a article that discuss the dynamics behind co-promoting vs. one company promoting a fight. How MMA differes from boxing and how co-promoting is bad (Very interesting read as well).

If fighters had the free agent or multi-promoter power of boxers, they could hold out for greater money and control their image and record along the way. It's essentially what Emelianenko, who signed with Strikeforce this week, is trying to do.

Few, perhaps not even Emelianenko, have that power though. This is like when the old movie studios owned the actors and paired them up with scripts and co-stars as management saw fit. It may or may not be good for the fighters' immediate finances (they earn a fraction of top boxers). It is, however, an undoubted boon to fans. There is no Floyd Mayweather vs. Juan Manuel Marquez to sit through when all anyone wants to see is Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. There are no 25-0 untested fighters.


Please chime in with your thoughts. 2 great articles showing both sides of the fence.

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