Last Saturday at Larry Tatum's school in Pasadena, CA, we held our bi-annual brown/black belt test, and it was one of the best I've seen.

We had about 20 people testing and every one of them kicked tail!!! I want to thank every one for doing their best, and making this test one to remember.

Cliff Seminerio

ps- I'm sure Clyde will have pics on this groups page, and I'll be sure to put some up as well.

pps- Ron Whipple - Thank you for giving my fiance a shirt, she loves it!
Yes, I'm late on this one too, but did pix get posted somewhere?

Congratulations everyone.
Congratulations everyone tested. The pics are great. Cliff, I織ve seen you in a video and you are incredible, congrats for your 5th.
And of course to my good friend James Leonard for his 3th.
Ps. Clyde, I knew about your pink gi, but not this one. I like it.

Sergio J籀dar
2nd Black LTKKA Spain