Looking for Genbukan book Chu-do


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Dec 21, 2020
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Hello to everyone in Martial Talk reading this first thread of mine. I come in peace, and with a humble request.

I am looking for someone willing to trade for the book Chu-do from the Genbukan. I have both Chi-e and Dai Shizen no Ho, and I would very much like to read the second, middle book. It is currently out of stock in the Genbukan shop and from my inquiries, there aren't yet plans for a reprinting.

I understand that some members of the Genbukan will have an emotional attachment to their copy of book, given the subject and the circumstance in which it was written. I can only say that it was not the first time I've seen it being offered for sale outside the shop and as of yet my inquiries for a seller have been met with silence.

I'm willing to cover any and all costs involved in receiving the book.

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