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Jan 30, 2009
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Can someone recommend some good gyms in burma that instruct in this style? I've been watching some of the fights on youtube, they are completely crazy.


minglaba Lethwei
There lots of Bando schools through out Myanmar, but conditions are very poor and it is not a very safe place at the moment , also you would
probably need to be reccommended by a third party, but why go there for now you could train in your own country as you already have Bando schools there. when you have gain more experienec then think about going to myanmar, good luck.
I train in myanmar all the time, and its been great and has been for the last ten years. I should be going back in may or june. Its best to get hooked up because it can be hard to penetrate and find the people when they are in full training, try to time a visit around the time of the two day events in Yangon or mandalay.

In the US, you can with phil dunlap at www.thaing.net maybe shoot him an email to see if he can recommend someone near you or check with the dr.gyi bando people, there are others scattered throughout the us in small pockets. Its not that popular so you have to look.
Why don't I train in my own country? Well because I live in Thailand and train muay thai 5 hours a day 6 days a week. I figure if I want to give this a go it would be easy to go across the border, maybe not though..?

Thanks for the tips guys, I'll keep looking into it. Really appreciate your help.

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