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  • Jimi & Datito -- This sounds like a great topic to maybe get some activity in the Indochinese Martial Arts - General area. I'll get a post there started...
    I too am an ABA Bando Black Belt, and I realize that old Burma=Myanmar does not issue Black Belts & it is a western thing. This does not take away what Gyi taught here in the states. I hope to see your skills some day as comparison. My Instructor Jon Collins former ABA President also went to Burma about a decade ago to research and saw that they do things different than in the ABA. He was made member of the International Thaing Association. We all Thaing, lets not be seperastist. Looking forward to seeing video of your Bando Thaing. Saya Jim
    Minglaba jks9199
    I have heard of Dr Maung Gyi through my Saya (U Hia Win)Richard Morris
    when he lived in myanmar. I have seen the American Bando Association
    site, there appears to be alot of differencea in your methods style, to
    those being used in the Myanmar Bando Thaing Acadamey headed by
    Saya U Tin Oo, also the do not use Black Belts in Myanmar, is this just
    a western thing.Thank you for your time (CHAZUTINBADE)
    Bando Thaing Instructor
    Datito (Paul Keogh)
    I'm a black belt in the American Bando Association. There's a link on my page, or you can go to American Bando Association. My instructor is one of Dr. Gyi's original black belts in the US, and I've been training for more than 20 years.
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