Basically a personal belief question.
Avoiding talk about the UFC and other sport fighting, and also avoiding Frank Dux , since there are forums for them both already,
I was wondering what people think, is the Kumite real? I dont mean an underground illegal fight that happens all over the world I mean the true organized Kumite?
i believe it there is a guy here in nashville named rusty gray and from what i have heard he is an absolutely incredible fighter you cant walk into any of the established dojos in middle tennessee with out hearing a story about him... and from talking to some of his students and from stories i have heard from some of the other big names around here he has competed in the kumite in japan and in china... and no it was not undergroung or illegal but it was full contact and very organized and involved top fighters from all arts it was and from what i understand still is win by knock out or submission... i personally have not met mr. gray but know many people who have and he is legit....
I have no proof one way or another but I belive in it. I over heard to many stories while serving tea, coffee,and food to people that trained in far away places. Sometimes these gentelmen would disscuss such things in a verry knowledgeble way.
Once had someone pointed out to me that may have participated in the event, can't remember his name(wouldn't repeat it if I did).
Did hear there was a man in the virginia,west verginia area that could tell what it was all about but that was 20 years ago.
Knew someone that I think was being trained for the event but he did not go for some reason
Yes I belive it was real.is it today I don't know


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