Frank Dux post...I apologize in advance

Tong Po

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Apr 21, 2007
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Bangkok, Thailand
Well, let me start by saying that I HAVE used the search function on this site, various other popular sites that talk about the subject, and even read "The Secret Man."

Now, I know that Frank Dux is basically considered the biggest fraud around alongside Ashida Kim. I realize the whole Kumite, CIA, Paris demo, military record discrepancies and so on have been beaten to death. Basically my question here is has anyone on this site PERSONALLY seen Dux in action? The reason I ask is because I've read so much about the conspiracies and what not but have so far had no luck in finding any type of footage whatsoever. Now I'm not looking for the "elusive" Kumite footage but basically some footage of Dux doing some punching/kicking or even teaching. I've seen Ashida Kim's Kata Dante on Youtube and laughed hysterically. I'd like to even hear some stories from people who've actually taken Dux-Ryu Ninjitsu/FASST to hear what it's like (I've heard it looks like Japanese Jujitsu).

Does anyone here know what happened to Dux? I've seen his site but does he still teach himself in the SoCal Area?

Thanks in Advance!