Does anyone here know anything about kobujutsu?? A friend of mine suggested it would be a very nice MA to kick off with for someone just starting out: sort of described it as karate with weapons.

Can anyone tell me what it's really about, and if it's a good MA to start off with for a beginner?? Compared to other styles such as Jujitsu or Aikido?

Thanks, I appreciate it!:cool:
So out of all you MA fundi's out there, not a single one of you knows what kobujutsu is??? Strange.:mst:
I know that Ko-budo is the study of classical weapons, so kobujutsu would most likely be the study of the battlefield techniques of weapons used throughout feudal Japan.
So would you recommend it to a beginner MAist?? If you compared it against an empty-handed art such as jujitsu?
Originally posted by Koga-Shinobi

So out of all you MA fundi's out there, not a single one of you knows what kobujutsu is??? Strange.:mst:

First off there are plenty of people on this board that could give you a long detailed description of kobujutsu. However they probably read your snide comment and figured they had better things to do.

I really can't understand why so many folks ask questions like this. There is a thing called a "search engine" and with it you can find pretty much everything you would ever want to know about.

Now to answer your question:

The word "kobudo" in Japanese means "old martial way". Ko=old, bu= martial, do=way. "Jutsu" means technique so Kobujutsu= "old martial technique" .......it has mainly been associated with old style weapons training in either Japanese arts or Okinawan but is not limited to Okinawan arts nor is it really limitied to weapons.
It can mean both empty and weaponed arts, but the more common usage is to associate it with weapons.

In Okinawan systems if kobudo is taught in the dojo it is usually after the student has gained a certain rank in Karate. This differs from dojo to dojo.
You do know what Karate is, don't you?

Lastly, In your profile it says you study Ninjutsu.........if that is true then you should have already know what Kobudo/jutsu is since it is a large part of the Ninja system.
Hey Koga-Shinobi...

I guessed you were a South African when you used the word "fundi" which I've never heard anywhere else but here, then saw your location. Where are you in the country?

Did you get anything? Have you started?

My son and daughter both train in Yushinkai Kobujutsu here in Johannesburg, with Sensei Eddie Jardine who heads it up in SA. He starts on weapons right from the start, with the sai.

What I like about his school is that it's kata only, no kumite, and is totally non-competative except for the student against him/her self.

I'm guessing it was Sensei Eddie's method you were enquiring about- or are there other kobu schools in SA? (He's got a few branches in Gauteng I think, and Cape Town / Durban too I think.)

If you want to give me a call for chat, do so... 082-879-9436!

Sale Gahle,


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