Knife Care--Oiling.


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Aug 28, 2001
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Although I practice with (training) knives I don't know nearly as much about knives themselves and their care as I'd like. I know I should oil my knives periodically. What I've heard is that essentially any oil will do--does anyone have recommendations for an oil for preserving and protecting my blades?
3-in-1 oil works well... so does WD-40 as far as cleaning them... of course there are other things like metal glow... which is a cleaner polisher and preserver
oil's are OK. But you have to remember that the "saya" picks up oil residues (sp?), and that it may not be good for it. And then theres the smell. Next you have to think about is alergi; short term/long term. The last thing is how the oil feels for you, and how it is on the metal.

I used peanut-oil for my sword many years. It has the right thickness for noto (for me). But then I switched to vaselina (sp?) oil. And I wouldn't change it for anything.

Both of the oils mentioned by Yari are excellent. Years ago we could buy sperm oil and that was all I would use. Now I use a commericial oil that is used on firearms.
Actually, I find 3-in-1 oil to have a tendency to stain over time, while WD-40 is good for harsh cleaning but not something I would use all the time.

I've found the best compromise for knife care to be Break-Free CLP, which is good for preventing rust, as a pivot lubricant, and for cleaning. Rem Oil, a light gun oil, is a good alternative if you can't find Break-Free CLP.

For hardcore rust resistance, Tuff-Glide and Tuff-Cloth are also good alternatives. Metal Glo paste, as was previously mentioned, is not so great for rust prevention, but it does clean off light rust well.
Second on Tuff-cloth. It is a dry film, so it doesn't attract dust and pocket grime; also has some cleaning properties. I use a teflon-based gun grease for the pivots on folders (tetra brand); break-free as a second choice.

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