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Nov 28, 2022
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I thought I would start this thread so that we could discuss ultimate knives for people of various professions. Whether your a soldier, LE, EMS, a business person, a construction worker, or whatever, people are going to have different needs for a knife.

So I figured that we could discuss "the ultimate knife" for people of various professions. We could do this by establishing criteria according to the given profession we are discussing, and then providing examples of knives that fit the criteria. I am sure we won't narrow it down to "one" "ultimate" knife per profession, but we'll at least have some examples and a little fun anyway! :)

So, lets start with a Military Feild Knife, or something that a soldier would carry in combat or on the feild. Here are some criteria that I have so far:

- Size: Needs to be large enough for tool and fighting, but small enough to be easily carried with other gear. I would say that this puts the size range between 5.5" and 8"(inches).
- Accessability: Needs to double as a fighting tool if caught in a H2H situation. Therefore, it needs to be easily carryable and accessable. This means fixed blade rather then folder, and in a good tactical sheath.
- Retention: Back to the tactical sheath; it has to be able to be carried in the feild with minimal risk of falling off or droping or getting lost. This means a good retention sheath, probably with a snap.
- Durability: Needs to be incredably durable for survival use, MOUT, and utility in rough conditions, as well as for fighting use. It needs to be able to take a licken and keep on tickin.
- low-maintenence: Needs to be able to retain an edge, resist rust, and require low maintence. Unlike a civilian carry, a soldier on the feild may not have the luxary of sharpening, honing, or oiling the blade every day.
- Cost: Needs to be relatively low in cost. Knives are generally not issued, they are bought as part of the soldiers personal gear. Despite all precautions one might take, in the feild the knife could still be lost or destroyed. There is more risk of this occuring then in other professions. So the knife needs to be replacable without it costing the soldier a weeks pay.
- Form and fit: The knife needs to be well balanced and comfortable for both utility and combat use. It needs to fit well in the hand in both foward and reverse grips, and needs to be ergonomic.

So, what knives do you think fit the criteria? Any criteria you would add?

I have all my life used rapala fillet knifes for all my fish filleting needs....recently With a friend we cleaned some perch and for the first time I witnessed a electric fillet used!! WOW we were done in no time at all with my friend cutting the fillets off and myself with a regular fillet knife taking out the rib cage!! It seemed as through the electric fillet knife is MUCH faster than the old tried and true way of filleting with just the plain fillet knife!! Was wondering how many people use this way (electric fillet knife) and any recommendations on type of knifes??

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Feb 23, 2014
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Martini is also supposed to be fish filleting royalty.

I have never tried an electric one.