Kenpo vs. Grappling

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Probably doesn't work for some of you, just copy and paste the link text into a new browser window. [/B]

Sure didn't
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Muay Thai??? I thought that he was doing five swords. :D

Nah, look at him with his little palms (err, paws!) facing out up by his head, he's a mini, furry Master Sken! hehehehe

I've studied this clip, and I've noticed.

1 He didn't step back into a Neutral Bow Stance.

2 He didn't "move the target".

3 He didn't have his hands in the "one high one low positions".

4 He hadn't worked the AKKI's Rythmic Timing Drills.

5 He hadn't read Kenpo Yahoo's thread, "Oh Crap, I'm on my back" Those posts would have really helped him.

6 The other cat was a big bully.

7 Neither of them showed us a half decent "Cat Stance".

8 It's better than a certain training video I have in my possession. (No names, no pack drill).

Great hehe i proven my point JK............... THinking about starting kenpo soon but that vidoe sure is funny. Your friend Judo-kid
I am surprised that Tracy's Kenpo doesn't have any grappling, considering Bart Vale is a 7th degree black belt and also owns the shootfighting name.