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Out of curiosity.....

I know that there are a couple of tape series out there, some with Jody Sasaki, some with Mohammad Tabatabai, some with Lee Bachman, etc., on the Kenpo material. I have a couple of the Mohammad Tabatabai tapes, and think that they are generally pretty good, but what is *your* opinion? Is there one series or set of tapes that really stands out, in your opinion?

My goal is to put together a fairly decent library, that I can use for reference, more than anything else. However, I would like to refer to good material, instead of just "it'll do".

NOTE: To avoid another flame thread on video learning, I should point out that I get my major questions answered by my instructor and people that I can interact with face-to-face. However, I also like to see different points of view, and interpretations, where they exist.

(So THERE. Hehe)

Thanks in advance!!

I have a bunch of Tabatabai tapes and Fowler tapes and just picked up a couple of Planas tapes.

It's interesting the differences in some of the techniques between the Tabatabai and Fowler tapes, but they're about the same. Both have helped when my instructor hasn't been around.
The Planas tapes are forms, and he really explains the forms as he goes through them and I like that. It's nice to know why some things are done certain ways.

IMO I like your video idea, I'm doing it myself.

It depends on what your looking for. The Tatum Technique tapes are very good. Tabatabai forms tapes have good explaination breakdown on the forms. Fowler tapes are good, but the quality is so, so (at least on the old ones). Tim Bulot tapes are excellent for the money and he is a Tatum BB, but I don't know if they are available to the public. Also there are a lot of other vids that present some good info outside of Kenpo (should I say that here) that might interest you.

Regards, jb
I had the opportunity to purchase two tapes of Senior Grand Master Ed Parker not too long ago. They are entitled "Concepts of Motion," and "Advanced Concepts of Motion." They are basically tapes made from a couple of his Seminars. It has footage of the late Grand Master with some very early footage of Senior Professor John Sepulveda. Although they are not of the best film quality, they are a definite must have.

Hope this helps.

Respectfully Matthew Greenland
I've heard that Bob White's tapes are pretty good...don't know personally, tho. I don't use tapes.
I personally don't like to use tapes to learn off of either. Unless they are specifically a lesson tape which noone has put out yet. But they are great for reference and to view differences between teachers and their styles.

Tell Dave BrocK Hi for me and that I wish him luck with his new studio. will ya!
Dennis Conatser
One thing that I use tapes for is to see the major differences between the way our school does things and the more "official" ways.

At our school, as I have explained off boards to GoldenDragon, we work with "pared down" material, and with techniques that have been renamed to their basic element: "Front Push", "Right Side Waist Grab", "Front Choke", etc. The Parker material is there, but in many instances, techniques have been grouped a little differently, and have been modified ever so slightly as to tools and/or targets. Generally, we have fewer techniques as well.

Good stuff.....*damn* good stuff, IMHO. It works, it's clean, and it is pretty true to the original. However, when I hear people talking about technique names from original Parker karate ("Bowing to Buddha", "Capturing the Rod", etc.), I need a reference point. Much easier for me to see, if I can have a tape or a film clip to watch and say, "Ah, I see. That's the one I know as...." or associate it with a concept that I am more used to.

One thing I found funny: some time back, when trying to get short 3 stuck in my head on details, I asked my instructor if I could tape my private lesson with the Black Belt. He said that he would rather I didn't, as the most common problem with that was people then seeing the taped way as the only way to do it.....and that discouraged them finding their own "voice" in doing the forms and making them personal. Myself, I found he was right on that count--I don't do the forms like everyone else, and thank goodness.

Watching the tapes I have, I see how it could be very easy to fall into that kind of pattern, if you are not careful or experienced in the MA.

Just my opinion....;)

That's how I use them too, to help with my training, give a different point of view, but not to replace my instructor.

So how are your videos going GD? I hope you do some so those of us that don't have an opportunity to train with you can tap into some of you knowledge as well.

I really like the tapes that Larry Tatum has produced. i use them a great deal because my daughter takes lessons once a week and just listening from the side i can't help very much at all when we get home.

actually tried to help her with five swords once when she first started and she took it back to class and her instructor said "Wow! that was fantastic, but now let's try five swords."

from a novice view, i really like the tatum tapes so far for tech and forms they've been clear and helpful for us
GoldenDragon, would you please let me know if and when you get your tapes/DVDs put together? I would really be interested in seeing those!!

I also have to get myself copies of those SGM Parker videos. Hearing him talk about the art and seeing him in motion would be too cool.....:)

Thanks in advance!!!

I've been trying to get all the Parker footage I can, but your so tight on sharing from your private stash. :shrug:

I can only imagine the kind of footage you have. Of course one of my favorites is the demo with you, Mr. Trejo and Mr. Wedlake.

Maybe you can convince KenpoJoe to open up his video vault?

He (KenpoJoe) actually still owes me a couple of tapes for a Kenpo patch and some Kenpo decals I sent him over a year ago. Never saw anything for my honest efforts :confused: (I just lost my money basically), but life goes on and I wish him well.


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