Intro Aikido Videos


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Oct 28, 2008
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Somebody may have posted something similar to this already, so sorry if this seems to be a repeat.

I'm not just looking for good Aikido videos. I'm looking for good intro Aikido videos.

I've just recently started attending an Aikido dojo and will pick up what I need there, but I love having videos over the very basics so I can try to correct things even while at home. I do this even years after I've gotten use to a move, technique, etc.

Anyway, I'm looking for videos that cover some of these topics(or all, at best):

  1. Rolls
  2. Break falls
  3. Knee-walk
  4. Basic Techniques
  5. Core Principles("Sphericity", Leading, Centralization, etc)
I prefer videos that not only show how to do something, they also give tips, talk about why it works, why you should use it, etc.
I've got a good book on Aikido already, but for certain things, videos are a lot easier for me to learn from.

Anyone know of anything worth mentioning?