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Originally posted by jkdman
It seems I used a term that caused some confusion. IPTP is not a subsystem of PFS. It is merely an intensive personal training program. a 3 day 6 per day program done with Paul, TC, or many of us PFSers in which you learn massive amounts under very intense training. Huge on aliveness and let's test that out. After completeing each IPTP there is no doubt as to if what you learned works or not because you have the bruises to prove it. Forget your check you get nailed. You learn very fast what works for you and what doesn't I train in many arts this way. Where I live there are not many high quality instructors so I travel to find them. In some cases such as my kenpo sifu he comes here to me and then i switch and go to him. For more info on an iptp program and where to look for them email me at

Cool. Thanks for the clarification. I knew it was something related to Paul, but didn't know the specifics. My apologies for mis-stating that it was a subsystem. This was an assumption on my part (and I should know better than to ***-u-me anything :)



Man no problem. I just forget after 6 years of IPTPs that not everyone uses the same lingo my bad lol :D

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