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The Big Day Out is a pretty huge annual musical festival with heaps of bands in each capital city of Australia playing to an audience numbering in the thousands.

A few weeks ago I sent an email in regards to an ad for performers wanted on the day.

Today I received a phonecall that I have a place to do a martial arts demo at 7pm on Sunday. That leaves me a couple of days to get something choreographed for a 10-15 minute show.

I've got 3 tickets (1 for myself, 1 for another black belt and 1 for someone else unconfirmed).

I plan on showcasing Kenpo techniques while making them a bit 'flashier' for demonstration purposes (eg. pausing during some locks and holds to show what's happening then speeding up again). This will including weapon defences (including a fire stick) and 2 on 1 techniques. I also want to show a few of the other martial arts influences that our school trains with (eg. kickboxing, stick fighting, brazilian jiu jitsu etc) which the audience may be able to relate to.

What I'm asking is if anyone has some demo ideas that would work well for my situation to:

a.) look really cool to promote our small school
b.) involve humour to add to entertainment value

I've done a couple of smaller demos before and have some good ideas from them in regards to what a crowd enjoys, but just wanted to get some other people's opinions.

In regards to the promo side of things, I'm making up some shirts for the occasion. In the background I hope to include the Kenpo crest and after the show I plan on handing out flyers.

That's pretty much all the details I have to work with. I don't know if I've got access to a mic, CD player or power point etc.
hmm.. well partial because you don't have alot of time and partialy because I always wanted to see this, maybe for the ending period you could have two fighters do all in sparring full contact ending in KO (or if time runs out simply ending) as an example of application.
Originally posted by Blindside
What is a fire stick?


Specific to the type I'll be using - an aluminium pole, slightly shorter than arm's length with a kevlar wick on the end. The kevlar is soaked in kero and lit to produce a flame than can be twirled and swung.

I plan on using it to spice up baton-defence techniques while making sure that the fire-lit end doesn't come close to either person.

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