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Oct 13, 2002
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how many people are in your classes on average? How many teachers in your class? Thanks.
The average number of students (in our dojo/dojang) was 12.
One senior instructor.
Since there were multiple ranks in the class, the higher ranks work with the lower ranks and the instructor oversees all. Then the instructor will take each rank and critique what they have learned. Everybody gets some portion of personal hands on training.

Hope this helps....
We avrage 10-12 per class with 1 teacher and 2-4 serior black belts who also do some teaching.

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Our adult classes have 10-15.

The kids classes are packed.
Our regular TKD class has anywhere from 10 to 25 people depending on what time of the quarter it is. (It's taught through a university.)

The white belt class usually starts at about 15 people or so. But it seems that after a few weeks, our instructor manages scare off most of them. Sometimes, only one or two people stick around to test for yellow. (Maybe it's his jokes about muscles "flapping in the breeze" after certain injuries. :D )
On avg., for us at our dojang it is the Sabumnin (a 7th Kukkiwon dan) or, his assitant (3rd Kukkiwon dan) whom will run the show.

We usually have about 10 adults, and about 5 -10 teens & kids, that attend the evening classes. BTW, it's the best time for me to get to the dojang.

Whenever I go into the the dojang I want to train so F'in hard, but, some of my fellow students are just there because they have to be there (per their parents). It completely F's up the training... :shrug:
5 - 7 people on average. Though yesterday we were 15 people.
Always just 1 teacher, but depending on the difference between the higest ranked pupil and the lowest, sometimes the lowest get their own instructor.

But mostly in Aikido, everybody is a teacher all the time.

Our kids class and adult classes are split up. The kids class is usually packed, but the adult class usually only has around 5-15 people in it, with the average usually somewhere around 10.

We've got 1 head instructor and 1 or 2 asst. instructors who are there almost all the time.