hulk hogans book



i have it, read it, it was really kinda interesting... i thought it was cool that he really is a pretty good musician and not just goofing off for the camera... unless he was lieing about having 2 new cars and an apartment before he was a senior in high school... i thought it was funny how he got in the business too... having his leg broke the first time and then getting the hell beat out of him for a few months... and i like that he admits that he is not that great of a wrestler... im also reading jerry lawlers book... which i have to say he is just plain weird... any guy that will strip naked with another guy get on top of a car in the middle of winter on the side of the interstate and act like he is screwing the guy... just to get a laugh has some issues lol
True i never thought he was Sientific
But He Has Greaty Mic. Skills

And There is No Dout He is the most Well Known
All Over the world.
Hogan should retire.......He slows down the pace of the WWE all by himself.....and thats amazing :shrug:
agreed he needs to retire and either become a manager or go back to making those horrible movies again... and yes he really does admit he is a horrible wrestler... but what always got him over were his mic skills and his charisma... he just has that one something that alot of people dont and never will...
But he was in The Game Before Hogan
He is a 2nd Generation Wrestler.
His Father Was the Great Agelo Poffo.
Yes his Brother waz the Genus Leeping lany poffo

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