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May 26, 2002
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Just wondered how many of our
Martial Talk Brothers & Sisters
Are planing on competeing in MMA

Im 1-0 as is 1 of my training Partners.
A couple others are in training but .
Not Ready..

Let me know???????????
I want to but I have a lot more training to do befrore I consider myself ready.:(
Keep Training.
U will know when U ae Ready.

Thank u for sharing.

More please
:D :D
Same here, i'm still doing Kickboxing & working towards MMA?
I need more entering & ground work first.
Keep Traning

If U ever make up to Buffalo
We do lots of ground work.

Train hard & never give up.
More please
It's an idea, I've thought about it alot but my first goal is to get ready for a Muay Thai fight in Thailand. After that I'll either keep fighting in Muay Thai or start training for MMA... my problem is I feel like I'm getting older and older every day and time is running out to have to many realistic goals.

Damian Mavis
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I think Thai is great stuff.

Verry Tuff.

Good luck in Thailand:D
MMA won't be as tuff on the body.
U do get hit but U do not have to stand
& go all out on the feet.

Thai is ruff i've been a fan of it for years.
But those guy take & give a beating.
Good Stuff Real Good Stuff.

More please
Yes it's pretty tough on my body, I'm in a constant state of healing this injury or that injury. I'm 29 now and find it takes me a long time to heal now too. I just wish I could train hard everyday and not worry about stupid injuries slowing me down.

I train in MMA as well and agree that it isn't as hard on the body as Muay Thai.

Damian Mavis
Honour TKD
i am to lol and i just grapple. lol i have broken a toe, I think my nose is broke, my ear swelled up into something inhuman (but damn it looks tough) messed up my knee bad and my ankle pretty good. All that in like 4 months lol. And Ace is just as bad, dislocated big toe, and thumb, ankle injury head injurys (usjjf)
Ya..... I know that if I toned down my training I would stop having to take time off to heal torn ligaments etc. but if I'm not training hardcore it just doesn't seem as fun. And I wear one of those wussie ear covers things to keep my ears from turning into cauliflower when I grapple, but hey if you like the look you go for yours haha. Personally I don't want funky ears, it would ruin my pretty boy image!

Damian Mavis
Honour TKD
Ya I had it a little bit before but now it is bad. I have been wearing one latley but I just broke it my ear is in a bad state of hurt lol. It is all good though part of the game plus then people are afried of me at tournaments lol. TO bad the girls are afried of it to. Good thing I was never good looking to begin with lol. No image to ruin lol. We almost always go pretty hard and we train like madmen lol.
I have taken some abuse in Life
& M.A. My right ear is sore but Jdenz ear
Is much tuffer than my Own.

Ankels, shoulders ,Ribs knees Elbows

If it's a body part of mine
it is sore sometime in the week
But once im on the Mat the pain is gone.

I feel like i can Just Go & Go & go.

Jdenz & i have spared up to 2:45 min.s
With little to know rest.

It's great training.
:cheers: :cheers:
I am just turning 16 with alot of mixed martial art experience in Judo/Jujutsu Boxing Muay-Thia kickboxing , Wrestling And AJW American Jacket Wrestling. I am going to do MMA fights when i hit 18 and its legal. I have done alot of fighting from around my nieghbor hood. I am the UNF Ultimate Neighborhood fighting champion , Maybe one day will also be the UFC champ for the world . Any ways gotta train hard. GOOD luck to the rest of your on your training . And O ya today i grappled vs 5 people around my age at once and won LOL , It was like a cheap Kung-fu movie but instead with Judo Jujutsu and Wrestling, They came at me from all angles and at first took me to the ground i over powered them and they flew off me as i bridged , Then one by one they came at me i threw them. It was great wish i had a camra . Cheers injoy your training and fighting.
ya I got to get Primo rolling for a long time so he gets tired and I can start to beat him so it brings are submissions total closer like 1000000000-3 lol
I'd like to give it a go one day but I'm almost 33 so I definitely have to reeavaluate this. Especially since I have family responsibilities and a busy work schedule. As the good book says, "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."

At the very least, I'm still going to train in MMA so that I can be the most complete martial artist and combat athlete that I can be. Even if I'm too dag on old to be a contender.
Hey I am 25 and just had my first kid (well my g/f had her lol) I work 8-10 hours a day, Take care of faimly stuff and still try to train 5-6 days a week. If you have a g/f that will support your training it is never to late to do anything. Good luck with your training
Hey Judo-Kid if you ever get on TV and fight in a MMA match let me know lol.

I would like to see you fight, and better yet if you want I can try and arrange a match between you and tank abbot since I just like watching him knock out little kids :p

This might be offensive but I thought that is why I was here? :)
That's a pretty pennie to pay.
I don't like MMA, mostly becuase I never bothered to learn how to grapple...I bite and stuff if I'm grappled, and they don't allow that in the "NHB" competitions (do they?). And I'll admit, because I'm long and skinny, it was just easier for me to learn how to hit hard.
I have been training for boxing, but I want to get my black belt in Kenpo first before I train just for the boxing ring. I really love boxing though.

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