How hard is it to become proficient in weapons based martial arts compared to physical fighting ones?


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It's a linage thing.

Basically without the correct pedigree you are not skilled in weapons.

I don't get it either to be honest.
Say that to a Chav Drug addict who just stabbed you to death with a 瞿20 knife, or left you permenetly injured. The sewing machine is quite a thing.

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Dec 10, 2021
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And would you recommend training in one weapon at a time or in more and how many?
weapons training is handled differently over different schools and arts, and i don't much expect there is one right and a bunch of wrong ways. My feeling is that movement training is movement training, moving with a weapon is not so different where the principles of movement themselves are concerned, but a weapon changes some things. bad habits you might not notice in empty handed training may come to light when you wield a staff or sword, and in this way weapons training can inform your overall movement practice. likewise, refining your empty handed technique(especially footwork) will improve your ability to handle and learn new weapons.

i had a teacher once who would get 'into' a thing, whether it was grappling, sword, staff, throws or something else, we'd do that for weeks, sometimes months, and little else. then we didn't do it again for just as long. this back and forth actually worked well, as changing things up informed the learning process in other areas.