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Hi guys,

Have any of you heard of the plans of GM Ji to try to create a hierachy within Sin Moo HKD? Standard curriculum throughout all countries etc with a country president reporting directly to him and all students in that country reporting to the president of that country, working with the KNHA?
If so what are your thoughts?

That's not happening in SinMoo, but there is a new org being created that will network with the NHA in South Korea,, and Doju Nim Ji is one of the main leaders of this new org. I think that is probably what you heard about....
I think that it would be great if we could get something going that would better organize HKD, so that techniques were more universal and when there were refinements or changes the would be taught to everyone. This way there wouldn't be so much conflict in HKD. We could have an elected pannel of people to regulate this assoc. No one would be in 100% control. Instead it would be all done with a vote. The easiest way to do this without stalemate would be to keep the pannel to an odd number of people. And these people would not have indef. terms on the pannel. Its rough and would require a lot of ironing out and fine point work, but I do think that it would really help Hapkido grow and develop into something even more incredable than what it is now.
hey all,

IM afraid to get into this topic.. only because our school has broken away from the Traditional hapkido.. but we still have tremendous amouts of respect for the old ways too!! :asian:
I'm not sure this would work as a regulation of the content of the art but it may work on a regulation of standards for grading levels.

The art cannot be characterised as being true Hapkido by certain techniques but by the following of the principles. While the formation of such an organisation would no doubt bring together the intellectual exchange of opinions i have reservations about the effectiveness this would have as a regulatory body. This is primarily due to the plethora of styles out there and differences in opinions of how techniques are performed.

Can one organisation really standardise the Hapkido of today?

Opinions anyone?

By the way i do respect both the opinions of traditionalists and non-traditionalists.:asian:
That's pretty much my thoughts on the matter. We learn principles - not techniques. If we can standardise which principles are taught at which belt level then cool, but the actual techiques? That would seem to be a bit restrictive in my humble opinion.

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