High Kicks to the Head


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Jul 7, 2002
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the strangest thing about high kicks that i found out early on when goofing off with friends or even some types of sparing, is that many people are really spooked out by high kicks. maybe it's the stereotypical martial arts movement that does it,,,maybe it is peoples insecurity and inexperience.
Reminds me of when I first started. We were training step sparring, and I was partnered with this girl who was just checking out the class. She had been training in a WTF gym, so she'd always cap her sequence off with a high kick. Made me really nervous at the time. It was like having a log rocketing at your head. That was compounded by the fact every time she got her foot up at head level, it blocked one of the lights. So her foot'd be there and things would be going dimmer at the same time etc.

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