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Jan 30, 2009
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I've been lurking for about 6 months now and am (finally) planning on actually posting at some point... so I thought I'd introduce myself prior to that, hi everyone!

You can call me Ceaer. I'm nearly 19 (will be in August) and this is my 4th year involved in martial arts, specifically Goju karate. I love it and enjoy my school immensly, which is quite lucky really as I got into it with no planning, forethought, school-shopping, etc. and of course that has the potential to end badly; I started attending classes because my best friend had been going for a year and talked about it all the time. Frankly I was a bit jealous of her, so when she started saying "why don't you come try a class?" I jumped at it.

I liked it from the first class (despite being fantastically uncoordinated and extremely shy) and haven't looked back yet... in fact class has helped me with looking forward! I just finished my freshman year of college (as a commuter) and having the stability and familiarity of my normal karate routine was really helpful to me.

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