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Jul 2, 2009
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Hello!! My name is Champloo! Comes from a japanese anime called "Samurai Champloo". Champloo roughly means "mixed". I am 16 and just started my first Martial Art (TKD) a little less than a year ago. I regret starting so late because martial arts have become my passion, and it's my dream to someday make it to the TKD olympics!
I love all types of martial arts from traditional styles to striking styles, to grappling! I believe all Martial Arts have strenghts and weakness and it depends on who is using the martial art. There is no "best martial art". IMO at least.
I am now a green belt (going on blue belt soon) in TKD and compete as much as I can. My master graduated from Yong-In university in Japan and has over 20 degrees in black belts. I am very privliged to have found such a good master. I have also just started learning a martial art called Sung-Moo Do from him. It's his own martial art that he created himself. He took all he learned from all his martial arts and teaches what he thinks the essentials are from each. It is modled after Yong-In universities original martial art Yong-Moo Do.
I am excited to be here and hope to learn a lot! I want to master as many Martial Arts as I can before I die! Wow that was long lol =p. So....hey!


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Apr 19, 2007
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Welcome and enjoy. It sounds like you have a lot of passion for martial arts, keep focused and you will go far.

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